Pool Fences - Mesh Fence vs. Other Types

When it comes to the variety of swimming pool fences on the market today, there are several options to research. First you'll want to determine the type of pool area that you have, for example an in ground pool or an above ground pool and then take into consideration any spas, alcove or deck areas to section off. Once you have a clear determination about what you need to fence in, then you'll have a narrowed down list.

For in ground pools in particular there are pool fences for almost every swimming area. Usually permanent steel fence or wrought iron fences are best for apartment complexes, hotels or other multi-use swimming facilities. This type of fence is generally more expensive and works best for areas that don't need expansion or versatility. Most homeowners are looking for a less permanent and more affordable option for safety measures.

Pool nets at first may seem like a great alternative, however in general they need to be customized on site and installed by a professional. They also block off the entire pool, preventing anyone from entering. Meanwhile mesh pool fence like EZ-Guard by Sentry Safety Pool Fence enables the older kid’s access, while blocking untrained swimmers from entering. This versatility means both entry control and safety. Other benefits of the mesh pool fencing include the child-proof latching mechanism that comes standard on the on EZ-Guard pool gate.

Mesh pool fences are also removable. For example if you are holding a dinner party on the pool deck, the poles with attached mesh can be removed, rolled up and tucked away. The deck sleeves could then be caped for a flush deck appearance. No steel or wrought iron pool fence barrier has this same capability. In the end, mesh pool fencing is the best option for residential swimming pools.

Pool Fences - Mesh Fence vs. Other Types

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