Our Pool Fencing Features

The EZ Guard pool fencing available on LifeFence.com has many features that help this product line stand out from the competition. Most notably is the 1/2" stainless steel rod that extrudes out the bottom of the aluminum, PVC-reinforced pipe. This pole is different from the standard competitor's pole which is usually one inch in diameter and needs to be installed with a core drill. The EZ-Guard pool fence pole can install with a hammer drill, which may be rented for a weekend for just $10 at LifeFence.com.

Ease of installation is not the only feature that this pole offers; it can also mean the difference of safety. The half-inch stainless steel rod offers more stability and resistance to pressure put against the pole (such as a child pushing against the mesh). Meanwhile, the competitor's aluminum poles, no matter the reinforcement (x-style reinforcements or tri-sections) tend to buckle under pressure or frequent removal and insertion. Due to the nature of EZ-Guard’s stainless steel poles neither pressure nor will constant removal affect the pole’s structural integrity.

Another safety feature is the small size of the mesh holes. The holes are placed close together to prevent fingers from getting stuck and avoid the potential for children climbing up the side. Finally, other features that EZ-Guard offers are the UV protected border and mesh. The pool fencing is specially treated so the affects of the sun’s rays do no break down the fencing in harsh weather conditions such as the penetrating Florida sun.

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