A Pool Safety Fence to Protect Animals

A safety fence isn't just for protecting children, it also protects pets. Your furry friends can be at risk for potential drowning; by blocking off the pool area you are preventing unsupervised entry and may help save your pet's life. Although some animals have a natural ability to swim, there are certain groups that are classified as most at risk. Specifically puppies, old or overweight dogs are commonly put into those categories. Puppies are over zealous and tend to follow enthusiastic young children which can mean when your seven year old jumps in the pool, the puppy might follow suit. Meanwhile older dogs frequently suffer from vision problems and may be unaware of the pool's boundaries and accidently fall in. Likewise, handicapped animals may not have the balance required to maintain a safe distance from the pool.

For the security, safety and protection of small pets, LifeFence.com suggests purchasing an EZ Guard mesh safety fence by Sentry Safety Pool Fence. We propose this as a first line of defense to be used in conjunction with monitoring systems like the Safety Turtle for Dogs. These two pool pet safety products work together to create a safer backyard experience for your animal.

Pet owners who desire the best protection for their pets turn to Sentry Safety Pool Fence EZ Guard for animal safety around swimming pools. With a variety of colors and two different heights, you can rest assured knowing that the options available will fit your home’s style and your whole family’s needs.

A Pool Safety Fence to Protect Animals - Life Fence

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