Why a Removable Pool Safety Fence is Better

When it comes to buying a safety pool fence there are many options available. You can purchase permanent fencing made out of steel, wrought iron or aluminum. However a more common option of pool safety fence is a removable mesh system. Each property has different needs, in some cases permanent fencing offers the best solution these are usually public pools such as water parks, recreation areas, camp grounds, hotels and apartment complexes. The permanent fencing works in these cases because there is usually a fair amount of space on the property, life guards can be placed on duty and, most importantly, the pool doesn't push up against a residence.

Meanwhile, mesh fencing is best used for residential properties because it offers the homeowner more flexibility with placement and it can be removed by an adult under desired circumstances. When it comes to installing a pool fencing system, the removable mesh pool fencing wins out with most homeowners because there are many benefits. Not only can you customize the mesh fence to your property (as opposed to the ridged nature of the permanent fence panels) but you can work with any architectural elements on the property such as stairs, spas or alternative deck materials like wood or stone. With mesh pool fencing an adult can easily remove the sections when desired by lifting the poles out of their sleeves. The sections can then be rolled up and tucked away.

Why would a homeowner desire the removability option? Each family has different needs, perhaps parents would like to hold an evening party and desire complete access to the pool, or grandparents seek the safety option when the grandchildren are visiting but want an unobstructed view when no children are around. Another benefit would be the ability to remove the pool fence prior to inclement weather patterns such as an approaching hurricane.

When it comes to a permanent versus a removable safety pool fence, you have many options available but if you’re a homeowner, mesh fencing may be your best option with the most versatility.

Removable Pool Safety Fence is Better - Life Fence

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