Safety Fence - Other Uses for EZ Guard Pool Fencing

EZ Guard Protects Vehicles

Protecting Vehicles

Do you park your car in the driveway? Do you have children? Chances are before they get to the age they stop playing in the yard an accident will happen involving your parked car. Whether it's from an out of control basketball or misguided bicycle, car repair costs on dings and dents add up.

EZ Guard Protects Creates Pet Zones

Pet Zones

Family dogs are quite common. They live with us, eat with us, and sleep with us; for most people they are part of our families. But even with this special bond, we need boundaries and special zones for our dogs. Areas where they are free to run, play, dig, and take care of their needs away from valuables and expensive plant life.

EZ Guard Protects Lines Sea Walls

Sea Walls

Sea walls are intended to protect your home from storms, varying sea levels, and docking your boat. They aren't intended to be swimming zones. The water is deep and at times turbulent. Children should be kept away at all costs. If a child falls over the edge of a sea wall there is a small amount of time to save them, and even if their danger is detected quickly the sea wall poses a challenging rescue.

EZ Guard Creates Limited Access Zones

Limited Access Zones

Everyone has items or areas they would like to keep their pets and children from getting into but still be able to gain access themselves freely. Each family is different depending on what they keep at their home, and the possibilities are endless.

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