Child Proofing Using our Pool Fencing System

When it comes to child proofing your home, you can never be too safe and pool fencing is a vital component. Have a checklist handy for each room in the home, from the kitchen to the family room, protecting electrical outlets to trash receptacles - when it comes to the potential for injury - prevention is key. After the home is thoroughly inspected for hidden dangers, its time to look outside of the home’s exterior.

Many times families take great care to childproof the inside of the home and do a lackluster job when it comes to the outside because they believe supervision is enough. However, the outside is just as important at the inside because some outdoor properties have dangers to children and vigilance isn’t enough to protect them. Inspect deck and stairs for entrapment potential, place a lock on sheds (storing away any harmful chemicals or pesticides) and install pool fencing.

Whether you have an above ground pool or an in ground pool, swimming pool fencing is a necessity if children are on the property. Even if your home doesn’t host children year round, the few visits can prove enough reason for purchasing and installing a safety pool fence system. offers EZ Guard mesh pool fencing in an effort to help solve this need. What’s most helpful in terms of child proofing your backyard is the ability to do it yourself and purchase by the foot. The pool fencing is removable and portable.

Finally, child safety tips are only beneficial if they are implemented. EZ Guard pool fence system can make a significant impact but only if it is installed properly and utilized on a daily basis when children are present.

Child Proofing Using our Pool Fencing System

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