Pool Safety Fence

When the safety of your family is on the line, a pool safety fence is not a luxury but a necessity. The in-ground pool fence offered on LifeFence.com is meant to be erected around the entire pool fence area, designating a specific place for swimming and blocking off unsupervised children (and pets) from entering. Whether you purchase the four foot mesh fencing or the five foot fencing, you'll find that the EZ Guard in-ground pool fence acts to protect loved ones from potential drowning risks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention evaluated recent statistics on drowning deaths. In the year 2005, thirty percent of the children who drowned were under the age of five. This startling statistic shows that young children are at ever risk of a water related death. The study also explained that there were four times this amount of nonfatal submersion injuries, which compounds the need for improved safety measures. At LifeFence.com we believe that even just one death is one too many; especially because such fatalities have potential to be avoided.

The self-closing, self-latching gate add-on option is potentially the most important accessory that a pool fencing system can have. This feature enables adults to easily enter and exit the pool area while ensuring the closure of the gate behind them. This self-closing hinges start the process and the self-latching function completes the closure, requiring an adult to open using the magnalatch system; no child can push the gate open - the latch must be engaged.

Installing a pool safety fence on your property is a significant deterrent. With EZ Guard's pool fencing, there are several affordable and easy to install options for your backyard pool. Additionally, because you purchase by the foot, there is no waste. You'll receive a full kit with all the materials needed to install.

Pool Safety Fence

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