The Risks of not Installing a Pool Safety Fence

Many people believe that pools are a great source of recreation and they pay little attention to the dangers of not installing a pool safety fence. The CDC has created a fact sheet that details Unintentional Drowning facts. The information contains research on fatal drowning (that were not boat related). These statistics inform that for every five drowning, at least one is a child under the age of fourteen. These startling statics prove that the risks of an unfenced pool should be taken seriously.

Under the factors commonly cited behind drowning the first item on the list is "Lack of Supervision and Barriers." Although supervision can be amped up, this awareness usually reduces as time passes. People become distracted and reach for the phone or pop inside the kitchen for a bite to eat. Often parents train children to swim and make the assumption that this will prevent drowning. Meanwhile a child could drown if they are caught off guard, find themselves overwhelmed in the deeper pool parts or get caught under inflatable pool toys etc. Because of the nature of our human distractions, parents can not always be vigilant.

Therefore, recommends that a pool safety fence is implemented on every property that has a pool. By erecting a pool fence with a self-closing and self-latching gate you will be able to block off the section of your backyard that contains this real danger to children and pets. Plus, the good news is that with the EZ Guard pool safety fence is available at and you can purchase by the foot only buying the quantities that you need.

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