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Dirt spikes are intended for use on one or two poles through a planter area. This would replace the sleeve the pole normally sits in and it goes 2 feet into the ground. Because it is only as stable as your soil we recommend long runs though grass or dirt you pour cement footers for the poles.

Dirt spikes are used in hard soil regions to stabilize pool fences in areas without concrete. The dirt spikes are 24" in length and get driven into pilot holes drilled with an auger bit. The poles then go into the top of the dirt spike as if it were a drilled hole.

*The dirt spike is intended to be used for one or two poles in a planter area. Many customers have used them successfully for their entire fence, but be aware that your fence is only going to be as strong as your soil.

Dirt Spike FAQ

• How can I tell if the dirt spikes will hold the fence well in my yard?

The best way to determine if dirt spikes will work for you is to insert a common household rod, like a broom handle, 2' into the ground. Then push and pull on it, that is how strong your fence will be.

• How do you get the dirt spikes in the ground and how do you keep them straight?

It is best to start out drilling a pilot hole with an auger bit. Using a rubber mallet usually does the trick after that. If no rubber mallet is available, use a hammer with a cloth or cardboard over the top to soften the impact. Getting them straight the first try is not as critical with dirt spikes because they can be adjusted after inserting them or re-inserted.

• Can I use the gate with dirt spikes?

It is best not to. If using the gate, it should be put in cement. The gate is much heavier than the normal fence because of the materials used to make it durable enough for the constant banging of self-closing.

 I need dirt spikes. How many poles are per 12' section of 4' tall fence and 10' section of 5'?

There are 5 poles per 10' or 12' section.

• Do the poles sit in the dirt spikes directly or do the ground sleeves go into the spikes?

The poles sit in the dirt spikes directly. So if you are ordering extra dirt spikes to be able to roll back the fence, then you only need extra spikes, not ground sleeves.

• Since I won't be using my ground sleeves with the dirt spikes, can you take them out and give me a credit for them?

I know this seems like it would be a reasonable request, but we can't take them out of each of your boxes for a very good reason. We get the fencing in 12' sections pre-boxed with the sleeves and hook and eyes from the manufacturer. The labor to open each of these boxes and take out the sleeves will cost far more than the amount of money we would get from the sleeves. You, however, will be opening each box anyway, and if you would like to mail them back to us (sorry we can't pay for that either), we would gladly give you a credit for them.

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