All Natural LED Outdoor CO2 Mosquito Control Trap Lights by Mosquito Warden - 2 traps for ½ acre

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  • Emits a CO² scent that attracts mosquitoes
  • Attracts and kills insects with a special bug-attracting light
  • Covers an area of 1100 SQ/FT per unit
  • Rust-resistant and maintenance freeAverage working life of the bulb: 50,000 hours

  • Product Description

    Mosquito Warden kit is the best mosquito trap totally eliminates mosquitoes from your yard by breaking the breeding cycle. The backyard mosquito control trap system is engineered to lure blood-seeking insects without attracting beneficial insects. Natural mosquito control with low-voltage mosquito warden is safe for children. No zapper or chemical fumes involved.

    Mosquito Warden has a uniquely engineered LED light that emits the perfect wavelength light to attract blood seeking insects. It works in conjunction with a CO2 scent that makes the unit attractive to unwanted bugs. Once they are close to the unit, the powerful fan acts as a suction that pulls in the insects and traps them in a tray located at the bottom of the unit. Trapped insects live for approximately 4 to 8 hours. The tray can be easily detached from the unit so that the collected insects can be easily disposed of.

    What Makes our Unit Different

    In comparison with other bug traps, the mosquito warden is a safe low voltage weatherproof unit that is located far from where you live and play, trapping mosquitos before they reach you. Most people don’t know that mosquitoes are territorial, living within 150 yards of where they were born. By truly understanding mosquitos and their instincts our system is designed to totally eliminate mosquitoes from your yard. Only female mosquitoes while pregnant seek blood from a human host. During the breeding cycle Mosquito Warden eliminate pregnant females from the local population. Within about 3 months all mosquitoes are completely eliminated from your yard. The Mosquito Warden can be expanded to be used with multiple units via our unique and safe low voltage wire. One low voltage transformer can power up to 4 units (up to 250' away from the power receptacle) covering a substantial amount of even a large yard.

    Our LED bulb emits an alluring wavelength engineered light to attract only insects that seek blood, it has an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. The CO2 aroma, that is released from this unit, makes it more tempting and effectively catches unwanted insects.

    Mosquito Control-Naturally

    No harsh chemicals are used with this unit. Once the product is installed and the power is on, the LED light and CO2 scent attract mosquitoes and other pesky insects within 2500SQ/FT from its position; lured insects will then be sucked into the trap and eventually dry out.

    Mosquito Warden Features:

  • Emits CO2 scent to attract blood seeking insects
  • Long life LED bulb expectancy (6 yrs or 50,000 hrs)
  • Large easily removable tray for a quick cleaning
  • Unit mounts either on the ground or hanging
  • Units are combinable for a larger Mosquito Free Zone
  • Maintenance free / Weatherproof resistance
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Safe for children in the yard

  • Warranty

    Mosquito Warden product offers a limited 5 year bulb replacement and a 2 year component warranty.

    QB ID: MW-200Multi-2


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