Rebar Drill Bit - SDS

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The rebar bit is a special exception item. Rarely a customer will hit rebar in their deck, but in the instance they do we carry the bit to drill through it which is very hard to come by.

This bit is for drilling through rebar. 99% of the people that do installations do not hit rebar but the 1% that do are stuck rerouting the line of their fence and filling a hole or two... that is until now. Rebar bits are hard to find in stores but we have located them and brought them to you to save the day.

If using our rented drill or another hammer drill with an SDS chuck (the type that snaps in and out rather than tightens with a chuck key), use the SDS bit. If you have a standard chuck, use the standard bit.

Rebar Bit F.A.Q.s

• I have just hit rebar and need to order a bit, but my rental on the alignment tool is almost up, can I extend my rental and how much will that cost?

Yes you can extend the rental and the cost is nothing. This happens so infrequently that we have decided to make this fall under the same rental exception rule as a rainy day would. Just give us a call and let us know.

• Should I order this with my fence to be on the safe side?

Probably not. It does not happen too often that you hit rebar, so we suggest just buying one if needed.

• If I decide to buy one when I buy the fence, can I return it if I dont use it?

Yes, but it will be subjected to our standard return policy.



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