Additional Color Matched EZ-Guard Pole with Molding - 5' Tall Black

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Each pole comes with a hole retention sleeve and a plug.

The EZ-Guard poles are color matched to your fence order. Simply select 4 or 5 feet tall of your desired color.

The Sentry Safety EZ-Guard fence poles are completely rustproof. The outside layer is a durable baked-on TGIC powder coat finish aluminum, followed by a PVC insert, spanning approximately halfway up the pole and finished with a 1/2" diameter stainless steel rod that goes in the ground. Where the pole meets the ground is the focal point for all child safety fence poles, meaning if force is exerted on the pole, that point is where the force will have the most impact. In fact, the poles can withstand 200 lbs. of pressure. You can rest assured that you have the toughest child safety fence around because, at that point, there is aluminum, PVC, and a 1/2" diameter of solid stainless steel, the strongest combination available. The pole design also means smaller holes and less of a scar on the face of your pool deck.

Additional poles are used for when you want to create smaller sections from your 12 foot sections or make turns at points other than the 3 foot increments.



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