Benefits of Mesh Pool Safety Fence

Our mesh pool safety fence offers many benefits because you can customize it to your patio and backyard compared to that of the ridged, permanent pool fencing on the market today. With the EZ Guard pool fence you’ll find this product line by Sentry Safety Pool Fence has many features that make it stand out in terms of quality and design.

Here are just a few benefits of this safety fence:
  • It increases the safety of your home’s backyard (when properly installed and used)
  • It’s an affordable way to purchase because you only buy by the foot
  • It’s available in a variety of designer colors and two heights
  • It’s extremely sturdy due to the one inch stainless steel insert located within the aluminum pole
  • It’s shipped in ten or twelve foot sections for easy portability and installation
  • It’s also easy to install because there is no need to use an industrial core drill – it installs with a standard hammer drill.
  • Plus, there is an added feature exclusive to this product line which is Sentry Safety’s limited lifetime warranty. This warranty gives peace of mind to the homeowner because it substantiates the claim of quality design and craftsmanship.

    At we carry the EZ Guard product line and offer the technical support in the form of free phone support, installation videos and how-to tips for unique architectural elements.

    With EZ Guard pool fencing you’ll have the reliability a safety fence system without the high price and lack of customization found in competing permanent fencing.

    Benefits of Mesh Pool Safety Fence

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