Pool Fencing Safety

Safe Baby

Supervision is the key word when it comes to pool fencing safety, but supervision combined with a variety of barriers and safety devices - pool fences , latched gates, locked doors, pool covers and more - goes even further toward drowning prevention

  • • Supervision is key at all times. The pool fence is a tool that prevents entry into the pool area however the pool is still very attractive to children and their attention will be drawn to it. If there is some other great danger that is protected by a fence, such as a tiger at a zoo or the edge of a cliff, there would be an inclination to keep your child close despite the fence. This should be the same awareness you have when outside in the pool area.
  • • Children are observant. They will see where you enter the pool zone through the in the pool barrier and try to enter in that location as well. Regularly check the mesh and latch on the pool fence gate. Be sure it latches securely every time you close the gate and that there are no tears or stretches in the mesh. One option for even more peace of mind is upgraded aluminum picket pool fence gate that offers increased durably and safety.
  • • Ensure that all entrance ways to the pool/patio area are secured, by the pool fence and that there is no direct entry into the pool, except for a secured gate. It is highly recommended that there should be door alarms placed on these entryways, so you are alerted when your child enters on the pool patio area.
  • • Know CPR. Make sure all family members know CPR and any babysitters also know CPR. During parties an adult should be inside the fenced in pool area to be able to assist a swimmer immediately. This adult should be dedicated to only being a lifeguard and should not be socializing, drinking, playing with a smart phone or any other distractions.
  • • Locking together pool fence sections and gates, will help maintain a high level of pool safety. Simply locking the pool fence gate will help keep your guests from entering the pool area. To ensure unauthorized removal of the pool fence, you can add a padlock to the hook and eyes. These locks will deter the removal of the pool fence sections and keep your pool safe. Hook and eye padlocks are also advisable for rental houses where you wish to deter the removal of the pool fence.

For more information on pool safety, please visit: www.poolsafely.gov

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