Swimming Pool Fence Options (Colors)

Swimming Pool Fence Color Options

A swimming pool fence is an important priority for families looking to make a safer backyard experience. However, LifeFence recognizes that for some customers the visual appearance of the pool fencing is just as important as the safety aspect. By offering a variety of designer colors (along with traditional black) we help our customers maintain the visual integrity of their property.

Each color option offers a different approach to enclosing your swimming pool fence. For example often in ground pools are surrounded by white concrete therefore, the Lanai White mesh fence offered by EZ-Guard will achieve a more uniform view when looking out the window. Meanwhile, Desert Tan is a warm, neutral color that is a perfect alternative to harsh black. Another popular option, the Forest Brown blends perfectly with surrounding backyard trees. These fresh colors have potential to bring aesthetic value to your home, impressing guests and creating a more complete look.

Each aspect of the pool fence is perfectly color matched from the aluminum poles to the pole caps; the mesh and the top border that finishes off the mesh. Additionally, each pool fence style is available with matching accessories like an EZ-Guard Self-Closing, Self-Latching Gate which helps to seamlessly finish off your fencing system.

Our swimming pool fence competitors only offer black mesh fencing, which can be limiting. By offering a variety of colors, LifeFence.com shows that we put our customer’s needs first. Ultimately, the EZ-Guard swimming pool fence in designer color options improves safety without having to compromise the look and feel of your home’s backyard.

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