Sentry vs. Other Swimming Pool Fencing Brands

Sentry Safety Pool Fencing is the premiere brand of swimming pool fencing. As a leader in the industry, this brand is known for its advancements and developments within the pool fence market. For years, Sentry has served the Do-It-Yourselfers and been a select choice for professional installers. With the singular focus and specialization in pool fencing Sentry Safety has obtained a reputation for quality for both above ground and in ground pool fences.

The focus and motivation behind this brand has always been safety. With half inch solid stainless steel rods in the EZ Guard and VisiGuard product lines, the aluminum poles are reinforced. This special design makes it so that the poles will not snap under pressure. Additionally, the durability of the mesh is an integral aspect. By coating the border with UV protectant, the material is better able to withstand the exterior elements. These applied techniques and materials are what make Sentry Safety Pool Fence a top of the line pool fence brand. No other pool fence product line goes to the same lengths for safety, durability and options. exclusively uses Sentry Safety pool fencing because we believe in the product line and its durability. In fact, several members of the Life Fence team have installed the pool fencing in their backyards. We look forward to bringing the same safety to your home too! If you have any questions about EZ-Guard or the Sentry Safety pool fence brand we'd be happy to help, you can call us at 1-888-4Life-01 or visit on Live Chat for personalized attention.

Sentry vs. Other Swimming Pool Fencing

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