A Swimming Pool Fence to Protect Children

Experts agree that a swimming pool fence plays a vital role in keeping your children out of harm's way. If you have children in your home and a swimming pool in your backyard, it is integral to take the necessary steps to prevent drowning accidents and unsupervised pool entry. At LifeFence.com we prepared life saving safety tips but these measures can only go so far. We suggest utilizing multiple safety and awareness systems to create that important multi-layered safety effort.

There are several great tools available for children's protection, such as: door chimes, wrist bands, mesh fencing, and pool alarms among others. Door chimes are attached to exit point and make noise when the door opens. This noise is an initial indication of backyard activity. Meanwhile, swimming pool wrist bands like the Safety Turtle Pool Alarm system attaches to the child for instant notification of immersion. There is even a pet version of the Safety Turtle.

But you don’t want to wait for immersion so erecting a mesh pool fence is one of the best ways to block off the pool area from the rest of the backyard. The swimming pool fence is a critical layer that shouldn’t be over looked.

As always, no matter the type of swimming pool fence you invest in, you’ll find that there is no substitution for parental supervision.

Swimming Pool Fence to Protect Children - Life Fence

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